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Ahmed Yehia Khalifa

Ahmed Yehia Khalifa is a health economist at the office of the World Health Organization Representative in Egypt. His work focuses on supporting the development, analysis and implementation of health financing reforms; supporting evidence production on main health financing indicators to inform decisions; and strengthening country capacity in economic analysis and priority setting. 


Most recently, Khalifa co-developed and led a landmark National Health Accounts report that established an expenditure baseline to support Egypt’s major health care reforms. He also led the production of investment cases to advocate for and analyse the impact of health programmes on the national economy, such as the recent WHO economic assessment of Egypt’s initiative to reduce waiting times.  


Khalifa also provides regular technical support and policy advice to national authorities on health systems financing, particularly with regard to strategic purchasing in the context of Universal Health Insurance in Egypt. He is an active member of several technical and ministerial committees, including the standing committee for pricing of UHI services.  


He collaborates with several academic institutes as a visiting lecturer, capacitating students in the field of health economics and health systems financing. 


Khalifa holds an MSc in Health Economics from Heidelberg University in Germany and an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy.

Ahmed Yehia Khalifa
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