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Amr Mohamed Kandeel

Amr Mohamed Kandeel, MD, PhD, Assistant Minister for Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt. Dr Kandeel’s career has focused on public health, epidemiology, and infection control. 

Throughout his career of over 20 years ,he has held numerous leadership positions within the Ministry of Health.

Such positions include Director of Infection Control Department, the Director-General of Communicable Diseases Control Department, the Chief of the Central Administration for Preventive Affairs, the Chief of Health Minister Office Sector, then the Chief of the Preventive Medicine Sector, and currently the Assistant Minister for Preventive Medicine.

Dr Kandeel has been involved in various national and international advisory committees and review committees. He has published 65 articles on public health topics and has played a key role in the development and implementation of strategic plans for the prevention and response to various diseases at the national and international levels, including polio, measles, rubella, and viral hepatitis.

Dr. Kandeel has also supervised and headed many important public health events such as climate change conference (COP27) and "Knock-Door" COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Egypt, 2022, and the Egyptian Medical Mission, Hajj season 2022.

Amr Mohamed Kandeel
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