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Ayoub AL Jawaldeh

Ayoub Al- Jawaldeh, Jordan National born on February 1960, He is an International expert in Nutrition, holding PhD, MSc, PGD, and BSc in Nutrition.

He is working with the World Health Organization as a Regional Adviser in Nutrition in the Eastern Mediterranean Region since 2009 supporting 22 Countires.

He is working with three key departments: NCDs, Health Protection and Promotion and Emergency Departments. 

He worked more than 20 years with World Food Programme as Deputy Country Director, Head of Programmes and International Expert in many countries i.e. Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Malawi, Jordan and Iraq. 

He worked also with Public sector for more than 8 years as Food Quality Control Officer and Clinical Dietitian. He was associated with Vienna University as lecturer for 10 years (2011 – 2020).

He is programme manager who simultaneously manages multiple international executive functions including nutrition policies and strategies, research and capacity building programme; addressing double burden of malnutrition, and diet related non-communicable diseases in Eastern Mediterranean Region.

He has more than 150 publications available at ResearchGate:


Ayoub AL Jawaldeh
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