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Bernardo Martorell

Bernardo Martorell is a medical doctor from the Universidad of Chile and holds a master's in public health (MPH) from Harvard University.

He has specialized in health systems, policy and management.

He has been an active researcher and teacher in Schools of Public Health in Chile, along with experience as a private consultant in health systems and health economics.

During his career he has held relevant positions in the public health sector, such as director of a Community Primary Care Hospital and director of a Primary Health Care network in another low-income county in Chile, with a served population of 30.000 and 150.000, respectively.

He has also served as Regional Secretariat of Heath in the Los Lagos Region of Chile, overseeing public health issues in a population of over 800.000.

In the Ministry of Health of Chile, ha has been director of the division of health planning and Primary Health Care.

He has published several articles and worked in projects with the common theme of improvement and furthering equity and sustainability in health systems.

Currently he is coordinating National Health Reform efforts within the cabinet of the Minister of Health.

Bernardo Martorell
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