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EL-Sayed EL-Sayed Mohamed EL-Okda

EL-Okda graduated from the faculty of medicine Ain Shams University, holding a master’s degree in occupational and Environmental health, then employed as Assistant lecturer in the community, environmental and occupational medicine department faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University and obtained MD. 

in occupational and environmental health at 2004 He also Certified for JCI accreditation standers December 2011 TOT for hospital accreditation, IRCA accredited and certified international course of lead auditor of food safety according to ISO22000 and 9001 , Egyptian standers approved national surveyor for hospitals ,  Work as Consultant for environmental safety for hospital JCI accreditation, Preparing and coaching Wadi EL Neel Hospital of national defense Egyptian counsel for JCI accreditation and passing accreditation Feb 2012 to 2016 (1st and second surveys) , International Medical Center in (IMC) Egypt 2106 (1st survey ) 

Coaching Aliman general hospital for JCI accreditation in El Ryad KSA already accredited at April 2014, Coaching Prince Salman general hospital El Ryad KSA for JCI accreditation,Coaching Private hospital EL Rafie in Mecca KSA for CBAHI standers accreditation

EL-Sayed EL-Sayed Mohamed EL-Okda
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