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Elias Melly

Elias Melly is a Medical specialist  Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Moi University (2008), Masters in Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine from Alexandria University, Egypt (2015). 

Master of Business Administration from Catholic University (exp. 2023) and Master of Public Health Moi University(exp. 2023). 

Completed Senior Management Course (SMC) and Strategic Leadership Development Program (SLDP) with Kenya School of Government (KSG). 


Melly is the Chief Executive Officer - National Cancer Institute (NCI) Kenya. NCI’s mandate is cancerprevention and control through prevention, screening, early diagnosis and quality management of cancer across entire continuum of care. 

This is through service, capacity building and infrastructural support guided by research.


Melly Has worked in both public and private sector at technical and at senior management levels at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospitals through delegated responsibility as head of directorate and at Alexandria Hospitals at the capacity of a CEO.

I have been involved in community diagnosis of health problems and treatment.

 Am part of the health research team at Ampath oncology institute. I have also worked as a lecturer at Moi University College of Health Sciences. 


Melly has been involved in assessment, contracting, authorization, claims management and reimbursements for services offered by providers.

I have engaged private health insurances including CIC, AoN Minet, MAKL, Jubilee, AAR and with the public insurer – NHIF.

I have been involved in packages developments and quality assurance to ensure health care financing meets its strategic objectives. 


Melly engaged in serving the suffering in the community through provision of health care services. HE organized CSR activities which includes Christmas feast for the elderly, PLWDs, widows and the chronically sick. 


Elias Melly
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