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Elizeu Chaves

Elizeu Chaves is the Executive Coordinator of the ICPD Secretariat since 2022. Elizeu is anational of Brazil.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a Master in Social Sciences, a PhD in Comparative Politics and did post-doctoral studies with Columbia University in New York on international affairs. He has an extensive academic background, having accomplished trainings and specializations on global health and international law.

He has also taught international affairs and published studies on global issues –  youth, migration, poverty reduction strategies and global health.


Elizeu is with the United Nations for more than twenty years.

He served in the field and played different roles at UNFPA Headquarters.

At UNFA he pioneered south-south cooperation globally at UNFPA, leading the first UN thematic group on South-South Cooperation in the field.

He also served as the Acting Deputy of the ICPD Beyond 2014 and as the Chief of the Office responsible for Institutional Transformation at UNFPA. 

In the field he launched initiatives to advance the ICPD Agenda locally expanding partnerships with the Ministries of Environment, Justice and with theFederation of Industries and the parliament.


Before joining UNFPA, Elizeu was a prominent youth activist, attended key global conferences in the 90s, including in preparations to the ICPD.

He did consultancies for ILO, UNESCO and UNDPon health, education and social development issues and played an active role in building social policies in Brazil.

He served at the Ministries of Social Development and Education as one of the managers that designed the “Bolsa Escola” Programme leveraging partnerships with cities and local governments, multilateral organizations and development banks.


Elizeu Chaves
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