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Fadoua Bakhadda

Fadoua Bakhadda, a Moroccan social activist, started fighting for women’s economic justice since her bachelor studies on business administration.  At her MBA commencement ceremony, she was decorated by her university as a youth social justice activist.  She spent 20% of her studies supporting youth women to become entrepreneurs, to generate income in order to invest on their wellbeing.  Today, her PHD thesis focuses on  the positive correlation between the woman’s economic empowerment and the wellbeing (health and social recognition).


She started working for an international corporation based in Morocco, where she recognized that social responsibility of companies in Morocco was a major issue that needed to be redressed.  She decided to join a national NGO focused on promoting female led enterprises and went on to join OXFAM Morocco to lead an economic social justice program with international stakeholders.


She was previously the Executive Director of the Moroccan family planning association in Morocco (AMPF).  After eight years of work, she’s been able to triple the MA income, build cultural change initiatives and many new partnerships.  She took part in IPPF reform as a member of the resource allocation commission.  She has written on abortion and is a lecturer at the faculty of economics in Rabat, where she teaches health project management and public health systems empowerment.

Fadoua was chosen by UNAIDS as a champion that fights for rights of women living with HIV and access to SRH care in Morocco.

Fadoua Bakhadda
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