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Hala Sakr

Dr. Hala Mohamed Sakr is a Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics & Political Science (FEPS), Cairo University, since 2015.

She was the Academic Coordinator of the English Section (2015-2018) and a member of the Steering Committee of Applying and Supervising Credit Hours System at (FEPS).

She has also been a member of the Technical Committee for Health Economics Professional Masters. 

She provided economic consultancy in the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) in 2016. 

She was also a Monitoring and Evaluation expert in the Health Pillar in Egypt’s 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS), Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform (MPMAR), 2017. 

Throughout her academic life, she published several papers in foreign, trade in services, labor migration, local economic development, inclusive growth, tourism sector, health sector liberalization, and knowledge economy. 

Hala’s teaching experience includes Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economic Development, International Economics, Managerial Economics and Knowledge Economy. 

Hala is currently the Dean of the School of Economics and Politics at NGU, Since 2019.

Hala Sakr
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