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Kamel Gharib

Ghribi is a seasoned entrepreneur who founded GKSD Investment Holding Group – a diverse holding that is active across an array of sectors from healthcare and related services, investment in social and economic infrastructure projects, design and engineering services, focus on energy efficiency and construction, GKSD Group also has an advisory arm (legal and tax advisory) as well as procurement division to support its group companies and partners. Since its inception, GKSD has become the provider of choice for the conception, creation and management of complex healthcare projects with a strong focus in Italy, Africa and the MENA region.

Ghribi has developed the culture of expansion that boosted the international profile of Italy’s first private healthcare group – Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (GSD). GKSD manages a diverse portfolio of operating companies in Italy, that generates added value for its stakeholders by leveraging on its unique know-how.

Investment in research, innovation, technology and smart investment solutions remains focus of GSD and GKSD. In today’s complex world of business, GKSD Healthcare Management & Consulting believes that respect for cultural integration, heritage and diversity will all help to strengthen global integration and promote universal access to quality healthcare.

As the driving force and President of ECAM - The European Corporate Council on Africa and the Middle East he is seeking through this non-profit foundation and international think tank, to bring together leaders, policy makers and government officials from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. ECAM’s primary objective is to develop feasible, effective and lasting solutions for more sustainable investments in sectors such as healthcare, energy and infrastructure throughout Africa and the MENA region.

Ghribi is a member of the International Executive Board of Directors at Med-Or, a part of the leading aerospace, security and defense company Leonardo in Italy.

The Foundation seeks to promote cultural initiatives, research and education in science, with the goal to strengthen links, exchanges and international relations between Italy and countries in the Med-Or area, which spans the Mediterranean, the Sahel, the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea as well as the Near and Far East.

Kamel Gharib
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