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Mahi Bebawi

Mahi Bebawi has over 17 years of experience in the field of international development extending from the coordination, implementation, and management of health development projects.

Bebawi has demonstrated a high level of proficiency and a proven track record of success on multiple projects of various sizes and complexities exposing her to different fields in the sector.

Bebawi’s roles and responsibilities diversify from project management such as community awareness activities, business development, and monitoring and evaluation.

Moreover, she has strong experience dealing with diverse stakeholders and donors, and building effective partnerships including USAID, high level ministerial officials, NGOs, and international funders/partners.  


Bebawi currently serves as the Project Director for Pathfinder International, where she is managing the “Women-Led Climate Resilience (WLCR) project” in the area of climate change and women empowerment.

In addition, she has been a main team member for the developing of the family planning and reproductive health service delivery proposals in Egypt. 


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Mahi Bebawi
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