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Michael Bloomquist

Bloomquist is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience as a clinician, supervisor, and researcher in mental health.

He is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School where he consults regarding best practices for mental health services.

His work over the past 30 years has emphasized developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative mental health programs utilizing an implementation science approach.

An experienced researcher, Dr. Bloomquist has published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and written several books about mental health, effective intervention methods, and evidence-based practice.

Bloomquist is the co-creator of Portages®, a technology-powered, measurement-driven, and evidenced-based whole-person program to overcoming depression, anxiety, and substance abuse and improve mental health and wellbeing.

 As the Chief Clinical Scientist for Portages Health, Dr. Bloomquist guides the development of research-validated content, precision measurement, and implementation methods within Portages digital technologies.

He oversees clinician training of to ensure Portages programming and technology are applied with high fidelity.

He leads evaluation and dissemination of Portages within real-world practice settings.

Michael Bloomquist
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