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Naeema Hassan Al-Gasseer

Naeema is a native of Bahrain and has over 30 years of experience at country, regional and international level in the areas of health system, women’s health, humanitarian and development work guided by UN Values.

An advocate for equity in protection of health of all and healthy environment as core for sustained development involving public, private and civil society ‘Health as a Bridge for Peace’ and active work on health security.

Dr. Naeema held several positions at the 3 levels of WHO. While Assistant Regional Director , she served as WR at the same office (2010-2013). On the regional level, she served as WR in Iraq (2003-2010) and Sudan (2015-2020). She also led Libya’s Crisis response as WHO Focal Point (2011). On the level of the WHO headquarters, she served as senior scientist for nursing and midwifery (1999-2003).

Dr. Naeema graduated from Bahrain College of Health Sciences. She holds a M.S. & PhD in nursing sciences from University of Illinois, Chicago. In addition to a B.Sc. of Nursing, from American University of Beirut, Lebanon. She also holds a honorary doctorate degree from University of Glasgow, Scotland and betwood by His Majesty the King of Bahrain with First Award for Competence

Naeema Hassan Al-Gasseer
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