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Nevein Dous

Nevein Dous, Health Specialist, UNICEF Egypt Country Office, has over 20 years of experience in multicultural environments and with international institutions like UNICEF, USAID, WHO, CDC and with the national GOE and even in other countries like UK, USA, Morocco, and Jordan. 

Nevein worked as liaison between donors and Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Population, Ministry of Environment and others.

Thus, she is very familiar with how the GOE works and how different institutions work as well. 

She also keepsan extensive contact with GOE organizations, NGOs different civil society groups and development entities with the focus on neonatal, child and Adolescent Health and Development with Mental Health and wellbeing.  

She spent most of the professional career in jobs that were analytical, mixing the quantitative and qualitative data, in the field of the health, education and human and child rights. 


Nevein Dous
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