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Noha Salem

Noha is the Global Women’s Health Policy Lead for Organon, a US-based multinational biopharmaceutical company that is the world’s largest MNC focused on improving the health of women. As a founding executive of the multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 startup, she directs global strategic policy-shaping efforts across the full portfolio of Women’s Health, and contributes to the strategic alignment of Organon’s comprehensive Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) program, with a focus on Gender Equity and Women’s Health.

Prior to joining Organon, Noha spent five years at MSD (known as Merck &Co. in the US and Canada), one of the world’s largest and oldest innovative biopharmaceutical companies.

In MSD, she took on country and regional responsibilities for healthcare and industry policy.

With close to two decades of experience split almost 50/50 between the World Health Organization and the pharmaceutical industry, Noha is passionate about using the positive disruption and innovative tools and capabilities of private enterprise to advance the important human health causes on which she has always worked. Noha graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Alexandria, Egypt in 2004 and holds a Bachelor degree of Dental Medicine and Surgery.

Noha Salem
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