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Marwa Abdelhafez

Marwa is a dynamic public health expert with a wealth of experience and passion for promoting health equity and resilience. 

Pursuing a master’s degree in Global Public Health from the American University of Cairo and holding a Project Management Diploma accredited by the Project Management Institute, preceded by a BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Cairo University, Marwa possesses a unique blend of strategic insight and practical expertise.

Marwa's journey has been marked by a commitment to impact. 

As an Executive Officer, Project Coordinator and Public Health Research Consultant, she has collaborated with institutions like the Center of Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE)- University of Oslo, Technical University of Munich (TUM), and London School of Economics, demonstrating her ability to drive cross-border initiatives for sustainable health systems. Her role in the "Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience (PHSSR) Project" underscores her dedication to shaping health policy and providing actionable recommendations to enhance Egypt's health landscape.

Marwa has also served as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the American University of Cairo's Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology.

With over a decade of experience at the Egyptian Drug Authority, Marwa's contributions to policy development and medical regulation are noteworthy.

Her role, as the Head of Specialized Scientific Evaluation Unit at the EDA, in managing and mediating scientific committees across 18 medical specializations, highlights her capacity to foster collaboration and drive decisions that impact public health.

A trailblazer in international engagement, Marwa's involvement in WHO-sponsored projects and collaborations with renowned professors from institutions such as Johns Hopkins University speaks to her global outlook.

Her extensive engagement in conferences and international events underscores her dedication to creating a resilient health ecosystem beyond borders, as she was Egypt`s advocate at the Swedish Institute Sustainability Forum (SISF).

Marwa Abdelhafez
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