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Antje Becker

Antje Becker -Benton is an international social and behavior change (SBC) specialist and program manager with 20+ years of experience in the design and implementation of SBC programming focused on health.

She currently works as Managing Director, Behavior Change and Community Health for Save the Children, US with a team she has grown from two to 15 staff. Across various positions based in East and Southern Africa for JHU/CCP and GIZ, she has developed interventions with mothers, young people, couples, sex workers, armed forces, and community organizations.

For FHI360, she led the development of SBC concepts as Deputy Director for the USAID-funded, global C-Change Project.

She also led the strategic design and implementation of several branded SBC campaigns in East Africa, some tailored for nomadic populations.

Linking structural and individual-level perspectives from her master’s degree in political science (FU-Berlin) and Behavioral Science and Health Promotion (JHU, Baltimore) is one of her strengths when developing integrated SBC strategies for food security and community health.

Antje Becker
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