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PHDC'23 Innovation Pavilion

At PHDC’23, we recognize the vital role that NGOs, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs play in driving positive change and innovation in the realm of population health and development. We believe that your unique approaches, agility, dedication, creativity, and commitment to social impact contribute to creating sustainable solutions that improve the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.
As part of its dedication to fostering development, the congress warmly embraces the participation of NGOs, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs. It offers them a dynamic platform "The Innovation Pavilion", to showcase innovative ideas and engage in impactful work, particularly in the field of population, health and development.


Our vision is to create an inclusive and collaborative space that empowers stakeholders in population health and development. With a strong commitment to equity and support for all development actors, we aim to establish the Innovation Pavilion as a platform that aligns and engages all stakeholders.


This pavilion will be an opportunity, enabling NGOs, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative interventions and services, ensuring their voices are heard and their impact amplified.


Through vibrant networking, learning, and resource access, the pavilion will foster a collective effort towards addressing population health and development challenges.



Networking and Partnerships


Knowledge Sharing and Learning


Visibility and Outreach


Aligning efforts

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Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations working in the field of population health and development towards similar goals, establish partnerships, and explore potential collaborations for addressing common challenges.

How to be part of the Innovation Pavilion

Organizations eligible to apply should be engaged in population, health, or development initiatives at the national or international level. Given this context, the congress invites NGOs, Start-ups, andEntrepreneurs to submit their applications through an online platform. which allows organizers to assess the relevance and suitability of the applicants based on the congress's goals and objectives. Participants for the pavilion will be selected based on the following criteria:

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Understand of emerging trends, research findings, and innovative approaches in population, health and development. The congress sessions, presentations, and workshops can serve as valuable platforms for learning from experts and peers in the field.

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Support NGOs, Start-ups, and Entrepreneurs in raising awareness about their work and initiatives. They can showcase their projects, share success stories, and highlight the impact they are making in their respective communities.

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The Ministry seeks to adopt practical and well-developed strategies into its activities. Through this collaborative alignment of efforts, the ministry aims to accelerate progress and effectively achieve its goals for the year 2030.


Alignment with Congress Theme

Applicants should demonstrate a clear alignment between their work and the theme of the congress. This involves showcasing how their initiatives, projects, or research directly contribute to addressing population health and development challenges.



Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring diversity and inclusion among applicants, aiming for a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and geographical representation.

This diversity fosters a rich exchange of ideas and allows for a comprehensive understanding of population health and development challenges across different contexts.




Applicants will be evaluated based on their potential for sustainability. This involves demonstrating how their initiatives can be expanded or replicated to reach larger populations or achieve long-term impact, as well as showcasing a viable plan for financial sustainability.



Stage of Development

Both early-stage ventures with innovative ideas and established organizations that have already launched their products or services are encouraged to apply.



Track Record

The track record of applicants, assessing their previous achievements, successful projects, or noteworthy research contributions in the field of population health and development.

This helps establish credibility and expertise.



Potential Collaboration

Preference may be given to applicants who demonstrate potential for collaboration and partnerships with other organizations or stakeholders in the population health and development field. This can include a willingness to engage in knowledge sharing, networking, and building synergistic relationships.


Innovation and Novelty

Preference may be given to applicants whose work showcases innovative approaches, technologies, or methodologies that have the potential to significantly impact population health and development outcomes. This could include startups or entrepreneurs who have developed cutting-edge solutions or NGOs implementing novel programs.



Youth-Led or Youth-Inclusive

The involvement of young individuals in the leadership or decision-making roles of the start-up or NGO may be a requirement. Alternatively, programs may be open to organizations that are inclusive of youth as key stakeholders in their work


To participate please send the required information below to


Name, organization, contact details, and a brief description of the initiative or project.


Organizational Profile:

▪ Describe your organization's mission, vision, goals, team members, and past achievements in the field of population health and development.

▪ Showcase your expertise, credibility, and commitment to making a positive impact.


Project Proposal or Business Plan outlining the details of applicant initiative.


This document should provide an overview of the project's objectives, target population, activities, expected outcomes, and implementation plan.


It should also highlight the project's relevance to population health and development.


Past or current projects developed with Egyptian Governmental sector (Ministries/ Authorities/……….)


Impact Assessment:

▪ Demonstrate the impact of your work through relevant data, case studies, testimonials, or other evidence of positive outcomes.

▪ Showcase the measurable changes and improvements resulting from your initiatives.


Financial Information:

▪ Provide financial statement details, such as your organization's annual budget, funding sources, and financial statements.

▪ Demonstrate the financial sustainability report


Supporting Materials such as photographs, videos, or promotional materials that showcase their work, products, or services and references or recommendations from individuals or organizations familiar with their work.

The Deadline for Registration is 18 August 2023.

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