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Barbara Friedland

Barbara Friedland is a Senior Associate at the Center for Biomedical Research of the Population Council, based in New York City.  

Ms. Friedland has been implementing clinical and behavioral research to advance the development and introduction of reproductive health technologies at the Population Council for more than two decades.

Her current research focuses on studies to assess how product-, provider- and end user-related factors influence acceptability, adherence, and method continuation. 

She is currently the co-project leader within the Council’s P50 contraceptive center working to advance a non-hormonal ring.

Her project, “Investigating end-user perspectives to inform the development of a novel non-hormonal intravaginal ring to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections” involves research with women in the US in the context of two clinical trials evaluating characteristics of intravaginal rings and an online survey about the ideal characteristics of a non-hormonal ring.

Ms. Friedland’s previous research has included quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the acceptability of prevention products; a global internet survey exploring women’s opinions about HIV prevention methods in development; and methodological studies to improve clinical trial design, with an emphasis on improving adherence measurement among clinical trial participants.

Ms. Friedland has also conducted research to improve the informed consent process in clinical trials of experimental technologies.

 Ms. Friedland received her Masters in Public Health, with a concentration in community health education from Hunter College of the City University of New York.

Barbara Friedland
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