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Angela Baschieri

Angela Baschieri, Population Dynamics Policy Adviser, Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA

Angela Baschieri is the UNFPA Climate Change Technical Lead and the Regional Advisor on Population and Development in the East and Southern Africa Regional Office. She coordinates the technical working on the intersection between climate change and gender at the global level and supports the delivery of evidence-based advocacy and policy dialogue/advice in the area of population dynamics and its developmental implications in the East and Southern Africa Region.

She is an economic demographer, international development specialist and statistician with over 22 years’ experience spanning academic research, policy development, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. She has published over 50 peer reviewed publications on population and development issues.

She was an Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She worked with UNICEF Ethiopia as a Research and Evaluation Specialist and with the Department of International Development of the UK Government (DFID) as a Health and Population Advisor where she provided technical and programmatic advice to population and reproductive health policies and programmes.

Angela Baschieri
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