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Maya Mohamed Abdel-Moneim Morsy

Maya Morsy took office as President of Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) on 1 February 2016 elected as the third and the youngest President of the NCW since it was established in 2000. 

She is also a current Member of the UN CEDAW committee2023/2026. 

Morsy is an Egyptian political scientist and specialist in public policy and an advocate for Women and Human Rights.


In her capacity as President of NCW in Egypt, Morsy is also head of the executive council of the Arab Women Organization Current President of the Ministerial Council of Women Development Organization and Chair of the Executive Bureau of the Women Development Organization of the Member states of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.


Dr. Morsy has 30 years’ experience National, Regional and International organizationsworking in the National Council for Women, the United Nations, USAID, Academic institutions, and Private Sector.  

She was UNDP Gender Regional Advisor 2013-2016; Head of the Egypt Country Office United Nations Fund for Women 2011- 2013 & Country Coordinator/Director of UNIFEM and liaison for the League of Arab States 1999- 2010.

Maya Mohamed Abdel-Moneim Morsy
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