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Michela Martini

Martini is the senior adviser for Migration Health at IOM, based at the regional office for Middle East and North Africa in Cairo where she provides technical leadership to governments, regional economic commissions and to IOM country offices on health aspects of migration from policy and programme, health emergency response, governance, advocacy and data and research. During her career she had designed and led multi country programme to adress migrant health challenges and assist in policy revision in adidtion to built solid partnerships with academia, UN agencies and stakehodelrs .

She  holds a master in Pharmaceutical studies, in Public health integrated by a third master in gender studies in addition to health-specialized courses fromt the London School of Tropical Medicine on environmental and sustainable health and research in reproductive health along with essential epidemiology and project development and monitoring. 

She started her post-graduated career as scientisti PhD fellow, in USA where she was principal investigator of researches in the field of anticancer and HIV. Leaving her career as scientist, she worked with vulnerable groups enhancing their right to health and access to services (migrants, displaced, people using drugs, LGBT, people living with HIV, young people in post-conflict areas). Through a collaboration with the Italian Institute of Public Health she moved to public health which progressively has become her major interested.

She entered in the UN system in 2000 working progressively as programme manager, regional coordinator and senior adviser to Member States and donors. She worked for  IOM, ILO and WHO in Southern Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.Since her first assignment at the IOM in 2000 Michela Martini devoted her career to the cause of displacement and migration and their health implications, she had developed consolidated skills in migration health diplomacy, advocacy for policy changes and high-level technical leadership to member states.


Authors of more than 100 contributions presented at International conferences and events and several scientific articles.

Michela Martini
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