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Nevine Osman

Nevine Osman is an expert in the field of childhood and motherhood, with more than 20 years of elaborate professional experience.

Before her appointment as NCCM secretary General, Mrs. Nevine has been working as an advisor to the current as well as former minister of social solidarity on school feeding, civil

society organizations, social workforce, cooperatives and early childhood development. Throughout her professional journey, Mrs. Nevine had also supported the NCCM as a development expert during 2004.  

In addition to her well-rounded experience in governmental entities, she had also assumed different positions in multiple UN agencies, including ILO, WFP and World Bank; where she accumulated elaborate knowledge and experience in the fields of combating child labor,  socialprotection, women empowerment and entrepreneurship, as well as vocational training and community-based education.

Nevine Osman
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